Searching for a Service

Oustazi offers thousands of services. By using Oustazi’s search engine, you can narrow down your search to find exactly what you are looking for. To search for a service on Oustazi:

  1. From the homepage, in the top search bar, enter the term you are searching for and click on the blue search button (or press Enter). If you are visiting Oustazi (i.e., not logged in), you can enter a term in the homepage banner area and click Search.
    Note: As you enter your term, the autocomplete feature suggests the most common search terms and the category you can find it in. For example, if you enter “logo”, the autocomplete will suggest “logo design”
  1. Once on the results page, you can find specific filters at the top of the page. These filters vary depending on the category or subcategory, but you can set a budget, a delivery time, or specific seller details that might help you find the perfect seller for the job you need to be done.


The following are the most common filters:

  • Course duration: This filter allows you to find tutors based on course duration to suit your needs.
  • Budget: This filter allows you to search between two price points.
  • Online Status: This filter lets you know that the user is currently logged in to Oustazi’s website or mobile application.


Tutor Details:

  • Tutor Level: This filter allows you to find tutors based on their levels, from a new tutor to a top-rated tutor.
  • Tutor Language: Oustazi tutors are located in all parts of the world. Tutors can indicate which languages they speak, allowing you to filter by language and providing you with the opportunity to write to a tutor in your native language.
  • Seller Location: Since Oustazis tutors are located in all parts of the world, you may need to find someone in the same time zone.


Depending on the category, you will see more filters. For example, Language category has Levels to choose from, Basic, Secondary and Post Graduate this allows students to narrow down what they are looking for and get better results.

Note: As you apply the filters, you will see them listed just above the search database. You can click the (X) button to remove them.